It's been an L of a time at the Discworld Emporium.

A gGrowing family, relocation of premises while still trying to keep the business running after the founders had stepped down.
All this while still trying to designed, printed and despatched the stamps.

As in the past a small but relevant spelling mistake crept in. The stamps were printed, perforated and packed in their LBEs when the mistake was spotted by the ever watchful Reb.

What to do!?

Opening of each LBEs and replacement of the 'wrong' stamps was the only option. However, some of the LBEs were missed thus releasing the rogue stamps into the wild and generating a great deal of discussion on the forum. The rogue stamp and its sport can only be found in LBEs and so will be very rare.

The corrections

The four variations<


Correct sheetRogue sheet

Welcome to the Journal

The first Stanley Howler Stamp Journal was published in November 2004 and this continued up to Journal 26, published in the spring of 2012.
After a short break two electronic versions of the journal, 27 and 28, were published.

The previous Journals can be found in the Discworld Stamp Catalogue.

The pressure of other work has made it difficult to continue with a formal publication. However, it has been decided to publish an informal blog.

Special Offers

There will be regular special offers available to collectors.

General Offers

These will be available to everyone at the posted price

Subscriber Offers

These offers will only be available to subscribers to the LBE Season Ticket.



The Stanley Howler Journal is brought to you by the Discworld Emporium where you can find all your Discworld and Flatalist needs.

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