It's been an L of a time at the Discworld Emporium.

A gGrowing family, relocation of premises while still trying to keep the business running after the founders had stepped down.
All this while still trying to designed, printed and despatched the stamps.

As in the past a small but relevant spelling mistake crept in. The stamps were printed, perforated and packed in their LBEs when the mistake was spotted by the ever watchful Reb.

What to do!?

Opening of each LBEs and replacement of the 'wrong' stamps was the only option. However, some of the LBEs were missed thus releasing the rogue stamps into the wild and generating a great deal of discussion on the forum. The rogue stamp and its sport can only be found in LBEs and so will be very rare.

The corrections

The four variations<


Correct sheetRogue sheet

Stamp News

There are already websites that cover Discworld Stamps, such as Discworld Stamp Catalogue, the Discworld Stamp Collector.

The Journal Stamp News pages cover future stamps.



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